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During your vacation in our unique holiday villa in Greece, SportsVilla,  travaller will have a unique chance to live locally and gain new experiences. For example, The Traditional Greek Food Experience in Crete!

The Cretans don’t boast about their food in vain. The simplicity and the freshness of the organically sourced ingredients compliments the local cooking procedures to create something distinctly delicious.With a strong respect for maintaining tradition, utilising entirely locally-grown produce, and returning to a movement of organic farming practices, the Cretans are wholly proud of their local cuisine, and so they should be. Famous internationally and around mainland Greece, Crete’s infusion of oils, cheeses, honey, fresh fish, meat, legumes and other mountain-sourced greens infuse to create a crockpot of flavours unlike any other.

As the food-tourism, or ‘agro-tourism’ revolution gains momentum around the world, there’s no wonder Crete, Greece’s largest island, is attracting more than 2.5 million visitors every year. Now referred to as Greece’s principal food destination, Crete’s most renowned dishes can be found all around this culturally rich and physically dynamic island. However, locals will tell you the most authentic food is found primarily in hinterland villages. Here you’ll find some of the world’s freshest delicacies, with each and every ingredient sourced from either the local taverner owner’s garden, fishing hamlet, or household kitchen – where the cheese, eggs, and wine are customarily prepared by hand. Resultantly, it has been found that Cretan food is some of the healthiest available…yep, delicious and healthy. The simplicity of the cooking procedures, and the lack of overpowering spices, means that the nutrition and flavours of authentic Cretan food are never undermined.

To accompany your traditional Cretan meal, and to finalise this unique tasting experience, Crete’s homemade wine or brandy are among the popular options. Raki as it is known, is carefully prepared by locals after the year’s succesful grape harvest, and served in nearly every Cretan tavern and kafeneio (coffee house). Raki is traditionally drunk from a small glass, or shot glass, and is often consumed with a side of mezes (small dishes).

Welcome in Crete, Greece. Welcome in SportsVilla!

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