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Crete is an island with a superb coastline. Nearly one thousand kilometers of coast with so many coves, bays and peninsulas, which afford a large number of soft sandy beaches along the Cretan and the Libyan sea. This fact has established Crete as one of Europe’ s most popular holiday destinations. It is a really historic land, the home of Minoan civilization. It is the largest island in our country and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean sea. Within its diverse are of more than 8000 sq km, there are a lot of special treasures just waiting to be discovered by the most adventurous explorers.

A very good way to see Crete and enjoy your vacation here is hiking. Crete is not just resorts and restaurants or sunny places with wonderful beaches. Wandering and trekking all over the island you can see what this island really is.  We speak about a mountainous region and the island's history, as well as the personality of its inhabitants was greatly affected by all these mountains.

Starting from the west you find Lefka Ori (White Mountains): 2453m, in the center there is mountain Idi (Psiloritis), 2456m height and in the east there is mountain Dikti, 2148m. Cretan mountains form a continuous chain from one edge of the island to the other and they make Crete look much larger than it really is. Here ends the final path of E4, the fourth European, one well-known route for the fans of hiking, trekking and climbing. It is a path starting from Portugal, going through a lot of country like Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, ending in Crete. It is crossing Crete along its entire length.


In this island there are many paths, as well as many gorges. Mountain paths but also paths by the coast make trekking in Crete a little bit adventurous and fascinating. Samaria gorge and Rouvas gorge are two well-known places to visit. Most of these options are very amazing to participate all the times of the year.

If you really want to have these potentials during your residence in Crete, there is an ideal place to stay. It is the SportsVilla, the first sports holiday villa in Greece and one of few in Europe. It is located in the center of the island, in the traditional village Pigi, near Rethymno. Summer and winter holidays here are amazing. A modern and luxurious villa where you can take advantage of the professional equipment for exercising and relaxing. Wellness facilities in an architectural elegant accommodation, what a combination! Gym, Jacuzzi, sauna in the house, tartan truck and turf in the surrounding area and of course hiking could start just beside the villa, in the beautiful narrow streets of this village.

Wellness and fitness services are afforded by experienced co-operators of the SportsVilla. Everything you could need as well you can find in Pigi. The inhabitants and also the owners of the villa are very kind and pleasant hosts. We really believe that SportsVilla is an avant garde, a unique example of the growing sector of alternative tourism in our country and especially in Crete. More information you can find in


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Eparchiaki Odos Platanon-Moni Arkadiou, Pigi, 741 00, Rethymno, Greece


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