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Michalis is a Trekking Expert, with a great effect on the visitors of Sportsvilla. Our Unique Holiday, Family Villa in Crete, Greece is the ideal place for Adventurous Travellers.

Michalis has Written in his blog:

Our starting point is the historical monastery of Arkadi, from here we walk over some plains and hills that offer us wide views and a glimpse of the sea. After that we arrive in the village Eleftherna, which we will actually cross. From there the trail takes us along various excavation sites that all belonged to the ancient city of Eleftherna. Many findings from here can be admired in the brandnew museum that is nearby. The final part of the route takes us over some ridges and through some green gullies and even through some ruins and abandoned villages. This last stretch, which is considered the best part, takes us into the village Margarites. Here you can enjoy many pottery shops, a refreshment and a stroll through small Venetian streets.

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The starting point of our walk is the famous Arkadi Monastery which played a major role in the Cretan Uprise against the Ottoman Empire in 1866. From there we follow the E4 path towards the East over rocky terrain that gives us a great view on the north coast and takes us along a valley where we can see the ruins of an abandoned monastery and a small spring. After this we arrive at Eleftherna where we have a short break for refreshments. We will continue through the valleys that surround Eleftherna and will pass quite some remains of this ANCIENT CITY which we can see from quite near, they are all behind fences though. You can also marvel at very old, beautifully shaped, oilve trees. We will pass several valleys and ridges and can have a pic nic break with a splendid view somewhere along the trail. After passing the beautiful remains of a tiny village we will descend into the last valley which is very green and lush. Our final destination MARGARITES is well known for its rich pottery tradition and its historical architecture. Here you will have some free time to enjoy all this and maybe try out the local cuisine in the tavern in the village center.

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