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Holidays in our country and particularly in Crete are definitely combined with summer, sun and sea. The few days or more to spend in such an island, with its varied options and countless places to visit, are usually available for excursions to beaches or simply for plenty of relaxation hours under the sun by the sea. On the other hand, it is now well established and understood that every single guest has different intentions, unique way of thinking, and therefore different requirements and expectations. People in the island working in the tourism industry mostly in recent years offering solutions and suggestions for every occasion.   

A typical example, full of innovating characteristics, is the sports holiday villa in Pigi Rethymno, named SportsVilla, about 9 km away from the city and 2 km from the sea. We present here some activities you may deal with and some ideas about spend your time as a visitor of the villa, with 3 activities within the areas and as many nearby the small beautiful village.

  1. Inside the SportsVilla you may take advantage of a standalone complete fitness center, with exercise machines and more equipment for anaerobic workout. Continue your training program or configure a new one, with the advice and assistance of experienced partners. Several hours during every day someone had to discipline and appetite for gymnastics still filled with the same way.
  2. There are relaxation rooms inside the house, even with elegance and functionality: the jacuzzi, up to 4 persons and the sauna, the same capacity. The tranquility then returns, after exercising, or any time.
  3. In the surrounding area of the house are available 30 meters tartan track straight and 200 sq.m. for children's activities. Exercise and working out therefore extends outdoors in ideal conditions, either for kids or for adults.
  4. Only just you leave the SportsVilla, you are about to start a beautiful wandering around the narrow graphical streets of the traditional village of Pigi. Go on with amazing hiking in a natural environment, a community full of unique characteristics, enjoy your summer activities and interaction with special people. Moreover pharmacy, mini market, cafe, restaurant and butcher shop are nearby for your convenience.
  5. Cycling. As a rider you can also cross the village and the surrounding trails. The terrain scenery offered for some time on the bike, with several great difficulty, if desired.
  6. You will be able to make short and long tours of the island, since the SportsVilla is located in the center of the distance of two major cities, Heraklion and Chania, or you could visit more nearby places like the Monasteries of Arkadi and Arsani, Byzantine church of Agios Dimitrios, and also the nearby beach.


More information on and administrators. Certainly we see that sunbathing and swimming is not our exclusive daily activities, even during summer holidays on a beautiful island, one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean sea. Possibilities are almost limitless and supported by both the infrastructure and the training and expertise of people who offer them.





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Eparchiaki Odos Platanon-Moni Arkadiou, Pigi, 741 00, Rethymno, Greece


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