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During your stay at Sportsvilla, this unique Luxury Holiday Villa in Crete, Greece, you will have the opportunity to visit several places, since this villa is located in the center of the island. In the region of Rethymno, former visitors gave us the idea of some excursions. One of our favorites is this one, wich will allow you to spend some hours or one day in the Moni Preveli, a fantastic place with view at the Libyan Sea!

This excursion may begin with a visit at the late Minoan cemetery at Armenoi, a village on the south of Rethymno. Archaeologists have retrieved many burial compartments, many of which had been sealed since the time of the burial ceremony, and a vaulted tomb. These tombs provided a treasure of evidence regarding the burial architecture and customs. The skeletons gave useful clues about diet during the Bronze Age.

Crete Villas Greece Gorge

You could continue southbound, along the impressive Kourtaliotis Gorge, to the historic Moni Preveli. It is certainly the most famous beach of South Crete, and receives thousands of visitors every summer. Previously, he was a favorite destination for hippies. On the banks of the Grand River is a large colony of palm trees, which gives the area a sense of African landscape. The river, forming a large lake length 1.5 km before flowing into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start to go up the beautiful canyon. In some small lakes formed beside you can make a cool bath. The palm was burned on August 2010 because of large fire and neglect of the state, but fortunately recovered greatly in a short time.

Preveli Crete Villa Sportsvilla

The monastery desecrated to St. John Theologos, dating in the late 16th century. The monastery is an important religious centre and a social shelter. It was a bastion of resistance during the Ottoman occupation. During the Second World War it was one of the main stepping stones for the Allied Forces to the Middle East. The soldiers’ dedications and thankful acknowledgements are a token of that time. The well-known “holy cross”, the palladium of the monastery, is kept in the church.

Crete Villas Greece Plakias

Later, a good idea could be a head for Plakias for a meal by the seashore. In the afternoon we will proceed towards the west to visit Fragocastello one of the many fortresses on the island, the location of the myth named “Drosoulites”. On returning to the north coast of Crete, we will cross the Askifou plateau, where we will enjoy a coffee break in one of its villages.


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