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It is known and hackneyed by competent and experts that tourism is the sector with the most catalytic effect on our country's economy. In recent years, professionals, apart from improving products and services mainly aim imaginatively and boldly to the specificity of these services offered. Infrastructure, coupled with education and knowledge, can now turn to domestic and foreign visitors with specific needs and requirements. The tourism industry is adapted with haste to all these demands and trying to catch up in this area, often with impressive results through effort and programming most frequently occurring in European countries.

A typical example is the villa we visited recently in Crete and specifically in Pigi, Rethymno. This is the first sports holiday villa in Greece, certainly a pioneer idea for European countries also. In the heart of a beautiful traditional village, in a distance of 9 km from town of Rethymno and just 2 km from the beach. The location of such facilities and hosting place, as you can see in, really guarantees for wonderful holidays. The characteristics that highlight the specific option separately, by example as we have said, are many possibilities offered by the philosophy that pervades the managers.

Professional sports and wellness facilities inside and outside the SportsVilla, and surroundings ideal for outdoor activities, along with services and expert advice and specialist partners, form a combination that can clearly gratify guests with specific requirements. The absolute professionalism here extends beyond conventional hosting services, which of course is considered vested. The question therefore of people in Pigi Rethymno was to satisfy the most guests with simple appeal - hobbyists of sport and fitness, but also professionals in the field, people whose sports are a way of life. The success of the project was based on the excellent facilities of the house and the experienced and skilled cooperators of the SportsVilla. The idea can be said here that was implemented and became practical step by step, in an economic and social environment that fosters such efforts.

A holiday villa in Crete, in the beautiful village Pigi near Rethymno, could become a model for tourism business and hospitality in our country. This is SportsVilla, a sports holiday villa, located to a place visited by countless people around the world each year. It is in fact ‘’a class of its own’’, with additional potential added by the initiators, changed the conventional data. The first sports holiday villa in Greece and one of few in Europe! ….provide the unforgettable vacation of your life!

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Eparchiaki Odos Platanon-Moni Arkadiou, Pigi, 741 00, Rethymno, Greece


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