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For the last few years Crete is a favorite destination for summer and winter holidays, for overseas visitors but also for the Greeks who are able to devote time and money traveling not far from their residence. Moreover according to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, the ‘’Biggest Island of Greece’’ included in the top 20 islands in the Mediterranean, even in 10 specific categories of vacation. Amazingly, Crete occupies first place in the special category '' Hiking – Outdoor Activities'! Therefore, we may say that apart from climate and great beaches, there are other motivations for the visitors to estimate and of course for local tourism professionals and investors to reclaim. A lot of experience for ordinary people but also for the competent of the island and of course the very high professionalism has already led to new steps, future prospects have come through this experience, relate to so-called alternative tourism. The great diversity in landscapes can be combined with the designed infrastructure and services made available by the local friendly inhabitants.

A unique example, according to the testimonies of ordinary visitors but also people known sport is the first athletic holiday villa in Greece and one of the first in Europe, located in the traditional village of Pigi, very close to Rethymno. In an area in the heart of the Cretan countryside, scenic trails and breathtaking atmosphere all around, every season of the year. Everything a visitor could need can be found within the village at very short distances, such as the sea, with a beautiful beach at 2 km. So many options offered by staying in a place like SportsVilla and you can find them on A full, organized gym, relaxation area with jacuzzi and sauna, tartan and turf in the surrounding area, facilities which can meet numerous requirements and specific situations, in order to workout and maintain fitness during the holidays. Skilled and experienced partners provide advice and superior service. Administrators of this type of alternative tourism have formed a holiday lifestyle with unique features that appeals to increasingly largest groups of visitors.

It is understood that nowadays the Greek and Cretan societies adapted to the needs of the modern tourists. The presence of many thousands of tourists, domestic or foreign, for quite a long time in our beloved Crete should not be considered the most successful or even enjoyable - social and economic – fact itself. We can and we must create the conditions to meet the needs and demands of all this temporary population, so as to keep them close, or even increase the numbers. Making original options as SportsVilla, the unique sports holiday villa in Pigi, Rethymno, we give hope for a better future.

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Eparchiaki Odos Platanon-Moni Arkadiou, Pigi, 741 00, Rethymno, Greece


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